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Milk Bar Accessories


It's the little details that can make the difference to a well run calf shed. Here are a few helpful products to make things run a little more smoothly.

Milk Bar Plug 22

Milk Bar Code 900109

Quantity: 10 per pack

You might have a Milk Bar 10 but only have a pen of 8 calves. This is where the Milk Bar Plug comes into play. It easily and effectively blocks off any spare teat holes.  

Plug 22 Front.png
2. Push through teat hole.jpg
4. Ready to use..jpg
Milk Bar Teat Tool

Milk Bar Code 950400

We're not happy to have threads in our feeders as calves can loosen the teats as they drink plus threads need cleaning. However pull through teats have one drawback, they are fitted tightly and so can be hard to remove!

The Teat Tool plucks teats out of feeders with ease and takes the hassle out of replacing teats. 

Milk Bar Rail Pail

Green Milk Bar Code 950100

Yellow Milk Bar Code 950101

Magenta Milk Bar Code 950102 

Volume: 25L

The Rail Pail is designed specifically for calf rearers. The spout slides through the rails or gate and sits on the back of the feeder so you are not taking the full weight of the milk.

Rail Pail pouring milk.jpg
Milk Bar Detergent

Milk Bar Code 950300

Volume: 2L

Milk Bar Teats are essentially the same rubber as your milking liners. Rubber absorbs milk fat and proteins which softens the rubber and reduces elasticity. Using Milk Bar Detergent a couple of times a week will strip the fat and protein from the rubber so the teats stay elastic and the calves nurse naturally until weaning. 

Detergent 2019.png
Milk Bar Screw Caps

Milk Bar Code 961200

Quantity: 10 per pack

If you have a feeder with screw caps you can still enjoy all the benefits of Milk Bar Teats! Pull the Milk Bar Teat through the cap and screw into place. Make sure that the teat of the Milk Bar Teat is vertical, it is helpful to make a line on the cap and the feeder to make sure the teat is always positioned correctly. This is because calves will turn anything with a thread as they  

MBT in scew cap.png
Mount Ease

Black Milk Bar Code 950000

Blue Milk Bar Code 950005

Magenta Milk Bar Code 950004

While the Mount Ease is primarily designed for getting on a horse it also serves as very versatile and handy steps. Ideal to have in the pit, around the house or for kids to get on a trampoline!

Non-skid tread and cut out handle for manoeuvrability.  

Mount Ease black.png
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