Calf Feeder

What is a Calf Feeder?

Used on farms that are raising calves from birth, a calf feeder is a device that attaches to the edge of a pen and supplies milk for young calves. The milk is poured into the trough of the calf feeder and then dispersed to the hungry calves through rubber nipples on the outside, mimicking a mother cow’s udder.


However, the quality of the calf feeders often varies greatly and it’s important to get one that works. Otherwise, your calves may not eat from the feeder and you will be forced to feed the calf manually with a bottle filled with milk. This is very time-consuming and is the reason you got the calf feeder in the first place, so you wouldn’t have to bottle-feed each calf. The higher quality your calf feeder, the better chance they will all eat, making you more efficient in your day on the farm.