Calf Feeding Equipment

Different Types of Calf Feeding Equipment

As any farmer will tell you, there is a wide variety of calf feeding equipment out there, based upon what is most convenient for the farmer to use, along with the cost of the equipment itself. Here is a brief overview of some of them.


Feeders are simply troughs that attach on to a rail or gate that calves can eat from, whether it’s milk or feed. When it is milk, there are also rubber nipple attachments that mimic a teat from a cow for them to suck on. The quality of these teats is important as if a calf doesn’t like the fake nipple, they may have to be fed by hand which is time-consuming. There are also meal and watering systems, that will provide calves with water and meal when they can eat it, within their pens. Some of these are more efficient than others and don’t flood pens, as well as being easy to install.