Calf Teat Feeder

How Does a Calf Teat Feeder Work?

For farmers trying to raise a calf from birth, they will need certain types of equipment to help with feeding these newborn cows. One of the most useful is a calf teat feeder, which will feed all the calves at once without a farmer having to jam a bottle into the calf’s mouth and keep there.


These feeders work relatively simply: they are first attached to the fence or gate of the pen the calves are being kept in. Once there, the hoses sticking out of the calf teat feeder trough are covered with rubber nipples, meant to mimic the teat from the udder of a mother cow. Then into the trough a high-quality milk substitute is poured in filling the hoses and subsequently the nipples. As a calf sucks on a nipple it is almost identical to them nursing from their mother. A high quality version of this system will save a tremendous amount of time on the farm.