Innovation is what we do


Milk Bar has been the innovator of many commonly used calf rearing products used today.

Of course we are always being followed by the imitators but with our years of practical farming experience, Milk Bar products have the edge. 

Teat that Improves Calf Health

In 1992 the Milk Bar Teat changed calf rearing. A bold statement but true!

Rearing calves with no nutritional scours, no cross suckling, reduced use of drugs and heavier calves is now possible thanks to the Milk Bar Teat.

We are very proud of our teat.

It is one of a kind.

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International Patents and Designs pending or apply. 

Gravity Group Feeder

The Milk Bar 5 was ground breaking for group feeding. Finally farmers could feed groups of calves without using tubes or individual feeders.

The shape has stayed the same on the Iconic Milk Bar 5 but we've added a handy catch.

Mobile Calf Feeder

Mobile calf feeders have come a long way over the years but they were first kicked off in 1992 with this Milk Bar over the fence number!

Open Manifold

We continued to improve the design of mobile calf feeds but in 2000 was the real breakthrough, a mobile with open troughs that you could actually clean!

What makes the Milk Bar mobile super special is the leveller that levels the tank and the manifolds at the same time. Works a treat and makes open manifolds possible.

NZ Pat 534401 NZ Pat 584477

Bird Proofing Flaps

The battle to stop birds contaminating calf starter ration was a common problem until the Milk Bar Bird Proof Feeder entered the scene in 1996. The innovation of using plastic flaps to deter birds is simple and highly effective. 

Enclosed Meal Feeder

2010 was the year that said goodbye to meal wastage for once and for all. The sceptics said it would never work, but it does, brilliantly! The Milk Bar Meal Saver is not only pest proof but water proof. With it's clever counter balanced lids not a scrap of calf meal goes to waste.   

NZ Pat 608004

Adjustable and Lockable Hooks

Calves are experts at bunting feeders off rails and not all farms have the same size gates and rails. This was causing some problems so the Ezi Lock Hooks were designed to stop bunting, to lock onto any rail or gate and hang upside down for total drainage.

NZ Pat 518590 NZ Des Reg. 420972 

Fully Protected Waterer

The Milk Bar Pen Waterer raised a few eyebrows when it was released in 2009 but what a revelation it is! Say goodbye to spending hours cleaning dirty water troughs and buckets!

Pouring Bucket

Every year calf rearers lift tonnes of milk over rails. They frequently pour milk into their gumboots and often end up with shoulder and elbow injuries. The Milk Bar Rail Pail reduces the lift and prevents wet gumboots! Plus the cheerful colours brighten up the morning feed!

Interstacking Feeders

Milk Bar Feeders are designed to interstack with the teats fitted. They are also light enough that you can carry multiple feeders at one time.

This great feature cuts down your handling time.

NZ Pat 247112

Two calves 2.jpg
Vitality System

For farmers using bottle systems the Vitality System makes sure the bottle and teat and correctly aligned at all times. Handy colour coding system makes managing calves super easy.

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Adjustable Teat Guard

Anyone who has raised lambs and kids knows the frustrating challenge of stopping them biting and tearing the teats.

The Goat Teat Separator stops this and is designed to use with automatic feeders. 

Goat farmers report teat wastage down by 95% when using the Goat Teat Separator!

Pat FR14/61328