Milk Bar Calf Feeder

The Advantages of a Milk Bar Calf Feeder

There are a number of calf feeders out there on the market these days that are meant to allow calves on farms to consume milk in the most efficient way possible. However, none have been well reviewed or important to the industry overall as the Milk Bar Calf Feeder out of Waipu, Northland, New Zealand. Here are a few advantages to this unique device.


First, the feeder is easy to install with 100 percent bunt proof ezi lock hooks, attaching to rails up to 75 millimeters in size. Feeders are also insterstacked with fitted teats, making the handling of the feeders quick and easy. Each feeder also comes with large cut out handles or secure finger grips to make them easier to carry. And finally, all the feeders have a sloping front to protect your knuckles from bruising when training calves to feed. Currently, there are no other calf feeder systems out there which are as efficient and easy to use.