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The philosophy is simple, control the milk flow, work in harmony with the digestive system, and calves are heavier, healthier and easier to rear.


Milk Bar developed the controlled milk flow system on the family farm.
With our specialized flow control, calves suckle perfectly and create more saliva to boost immunity and strengthen digestion
Improved digestion produces heavier, more robust calves.
Increased lactose absorption reduces diarrhoea.
The natural suckling instinct is satisfied, so calves no longer cross suckle.​

It’s simple, and it works.


Milk Bar Training Teat
Milk Bar Code: 900300
5 per packet

A combination of controlled flow with a softer rubber formulation makes the Milk Bar
Training Teat perfect for training young or weak calves.
Calves produce immune boosting saliva to give them the best start.

Milk Bar Colostrum Teat feeding calves calf
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Milk Bar Teat
Milk Bar Code: 900100
10 per packet
For 30 years the Milk Bar Teat has been delivering four key benefits to farmers and calves:
Increased ADG     
Reduced cross suckling     
Increased lactose absorption (to reduce diarrhoea)     
Maximises saliva production to boost immunity 

Milk Bar Teat for feeding calves and saliva
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Milk Bar Teat - Round
Milk Bar Code: 900100-R
10 per packet
All the benefits calves know and love but with a round back to use in feeders with tubes.
If you use a tube feeder, avoid using a non return valve on the end of the tube. Non return valves increase the milk flow which can cause digestive issues in your calves.

Milk Bar Automatic Teat 
Milk Bar Code: 900600
10 per packet
Super durable, the Milk Bar Automatic Teat reduces teat replacements by lasting for 600 - 700 L.
Side wings makes sure the teat alignment is correct.
Controls the flow and satisfies the suckling instinct so calves are calm and settled.
Fits the majority of 38mm automatic teat stations. 

Not recommended for use with a screw in valve. For hutch buckets, use the 
Calf Buddy Teat, a more hygienic and practical solution. 

Milk Bar Automatic feeder teat

Calf Buddy Grow Me Teat 
Milk Bar Code: CBGMT
10 per packet
Controlled flow and a 38mm connector especially designed for the Milk Bar Teat.
No valves or threads for a more hygienic connection system.
Side wings to visually check teat alignment. 
Maximum saliva production to boost immunity and aid digestion. 
Fits all standard hutch buckets with a 38mm teat hole.

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Controlling the flow helps the digestive system to work effectively so calves can uptake all the nutrients and use them to put on weight.   

‘Pre-weaning ADG had a significant positive effect on first-lactation performance: every 100 gm of  pre-weaning ADG was associated with 85 to 111.3 kg more milk during the first lactation.’  Source: Soberon et al., 2012

‘Using slow flow rate teats to feed calves from day old to weaning appears to have an important impact on digestive processes in the immature gut. Such improvements in digestion and rumen development in young calves may assist in the digestion of milk and other feeds, leading to improved growth performance.' Source: Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition

Controlled trials show a consistent and strong trend to higher ADG when calves are fed from a controlled flow teat.

Top Tip! Calves fed from Milk Bar Teats are heavier!

Milk Bar weight gain

Milk Bar Teats grow on trees.
Well, we don’t go and pick them, but we won’t use
any oil or synthetic additives in our teats, just a
100% renewable resource.


Drip Resistant Technology is here!
Milk Bar Teats now feature ground breaking
Drip Resistant Technology for ultimate teat performance.
Teats that last, healthy calves, we’re happy.


Don't just take our word for it, it's all proven!
Only Milk Bar Teats are backed by peer reviewed
and published research.
Only Milk Bar Teats have proven health benefits.

MB Calf Labcoat.png
Milk Bar Teat calf teat for feeding calves

Drip Resistant Technology is here!

It’s been an exciting time for us here at Milk Bar. We’ve been at the drawing board designing, experimenting and playing around with a whole new concept for our Milk Bar Teat.

Endless late nights discussing ideas and early mornings feeding calves to make sure the teat performs but more importantly that our four-legged friends are feeding at a healthy speed and producing the saliva they need.

For 30 years we have worked very hard to source the best quality, natural rubber from around the world, to make the

Milk Bar Teat as perfect as possible for calves. But even with the best rubber money can buy, some batches react differently to others. It’s all to do with the natural rubber source, which is a tree. We don’t use synthetic fillers, so we are impacted by changes in the rubber tree. This is why some teats last all season and some don’t.

It’s been bugging us for years, so we are thrilled to let you know that we have cracked it!!

We still use 100% natural rubber but combined with our new patent pending Drip Resistant Technology we believe we have created the perfect teat, great for calves and great for you!

Your calves will still enjoy all the health benefits associated with the controlled flow created by the Milk Bar Teat, while you can enjoy improved functionality with the innovative DRT design.

Teats that last the distance. Heavier, healthier calves. Job done.

Milk Bar 6 calf feeder

These lovely ladies are just a few of our crucial testing team.


They have been filmed, timed, analysed, and generally been little stars. Or in this case, big stars! At 8 weeks weighing in at a hefty 95kg.

No scours, no problems.


We’ve hammered the teats to test the durability and we have to say, we’re pretty happy!