Milk Bar Calf Teats

What’s Different about Milk Bar Calf Teats?

The teats that are attached to the milk bar feeders are what truly differentiates milk bar products from all the others. These teats are so similar to a mother’s udder that no calf can tell the difference. Specifically, these Milk Bar Calf Teats are different for a number of reasons.


First, there is an internal web that stops the calves from gulping, delivering milk at a natural speed. There is a rounded end, to mimic a teat on a cow’s udder. There is also an inverted tip, allowing calves to suckle hard as they would in nature. The rubber of these teats is also specially designed to allow hard suckling, but not too hard so the calves aren’t discouraged from training. This is the unique thing about these teats from Milk Bar that no one else has. Also, each teat has a vertical slit, to help protect the calf while they are drinking hungrily.