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Essential meal and water

Water is beneficial to the development if the rumen and is essential for the digestion and the metabolic function of the calf. Even slight hydration an affect the metabolic function and reduce feed intake.

Meal consumption is critical to improving rumen development, increasing daily gains and reducing rearing costs. 

All Milk Bar Meal and Waterers have been designed to fit any shed configuration and budget and offer practical, durable solutions. 

Milk Bar Waterers

Calves need four times more water than dry matter or a four to one (4:1) ratio. In other words, if the calf is eating 500 grams (g) of dry matter a day then she will need at least two litres (L) of water. As she reaches weaning age and is eating one kilogram (kg) per day, she will need 4L of water.

Limiting water directly impacts the amount of dry matter the calf will consume, which affects the animal’s performance.
The water trough placement in the pen is also an important consideration. If the meal and water troughs are directly side by side, calves will dribble water into the meal and meal into the water which leads to them consuming less of both.
Ensuring access to clean fresh water can increase water consumption by 32 percent which, in turn, can increase meal uptake by 13 percent, leading to improvements in average dairy weight gains.
Placing waterers on the opposite side of the pen to the meal trough will prevent calves dribbling meal into the water and will further encourage water uptake to improve calf performance.

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All Milk Bar Waterers are easy to hook into your water supply.  

All Milk Bar Waterers have a fully enclosed float valve to prevent calves playing and flooding pens.

All Milk Bar Waterers have a drain point.

Snack Water Trough

Milk Bar Code: 935300

Volume: 15L
Weight: 2.5kg
Length: 650mm
Height: 130mm
Width: 200mm
Hooks: Moulded 25mm

Valve: McInnes Float Valve

Drain Point: Yes

Use between two adjoining calf pens for an economical water solution!

Milk Bar Pen Waterer

Milk Bar Code: 935100

Volume: 8L
Weight: 3.5kg
Length: 330mm
Height: 575mm
Width: 275mm
Hooks: Screws to the wall

Valve: McInnes Float Valve

Drain Point: Yes

The clever design on the Pen Waterer stops dust, bird droppings and prevents calves contaminating the water supply. 

The ultimate water solution!

Milk Bar Tri Pen Waterer

Milk Bar Code: 935500

Volume: 20L
Weight: 7kg
Length: 910mm
Height: 610mm
Width: 300mm

Hooks: Screws to the wall

Valve: McInnes Float Valve

Drain Point: Yes

The same concept as the Milk Bar Pen Waterer but on a larger scale for large pens of calves. The Tri Pen Waterer can also be positioned between two adjoining pens. 

McInnes Float Valve

Milk Bar Code: 935402

Weight: 600gms
Length: 220mm
Height: 110mm
Width: 100mm
PSI: Up to 100psi
Inlet: 20mm male thread

The float valve tongue is encased so calves cannot flood the pens. 

Milk Bar Meal Feeders


Developing a healthy rumen early is vital to ease the transition from a pre-ruminant to a ruminant animal.
The enzymes in grains stimulate and develop the rumen. A healthy rumen has a dark colouration which is caused by increased tissue mass and large blood vessels.

From the age of six weeks calves can start to use some energy and nutrition from grain. Provided they are eating 700 grams of meal at six weeks you can start to reduce the milk volume. 


Braden Start Bottle

Milk Bar Code: 930100

Volume: 500gms
Weight: 2kg
Length: 200mm
Height: 300mm
Width: 200mm
Hooks: Plastic strap
Use a Braden Start Bottle from the first few days. Calves will play with the bottle and start to nibble the meal. Contents stay fresh and dry and meal consumption is increased from an early age. Use one Braden Start Bottle for every 2.5 calves.

Snack Bar

Milk Bar Code: 930800

Volume: 8kg
Weight: 2kg
Length: 650mm
Height: 130mm
Width: 200mm
Hooks: Moulded 25mm
A super handy and versatile trough!

Munch Trough

Milk Bar Code: 930700

Volume: 20kg
Weight: 4kg
Length: 800mm
Height: 530mm
Width: 300mm
Hooks: Moulded 50mm
Handle: Finger grips

The high back and sides of the Munch Trough prevents spillage.

Ideal for calves and horses.

Bird Proof Meal Bar

Milk Bar Code: 930900

Volume: 40kg
Weight: 12kg
Length: 1m
Height: 850mm
Width: 300mm
Hooks: Aluminium
The Bird Proof Meal Bar has a rear hatch so the feeder can be filled from outside the pen or paddock. The curtain keeps birds out and the cover protects the contents from rain.

One Bird Proof Meal Bar feeds 30 calves and can be used   inside or out.

Bird Proof Curtain

Milk Bar Code: 930910

Replacement curtain for the Milk Bar Bird Proof Meal Bar.

Simple to replace, remove the worn curtain and screw the new one in place. 

Braden Start Nipple

Milk Bar Code: 930200

Replacement nipple for the Braden Start Bottle.

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