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make light work

Milk Bar Milk Karts are simple and highly effective solutions for delivering milk to your calves.


Many people bucket milk into calf feeders causing strain to backs, shoulders and elbows. If you are feeding 50 calves 6 litres per day then you are lifting 300kg of milk every day!

The Milk Kart is designed to remove the physical strain of calf feeding and reduce time.

With exceptional manoeuvrability and fitting through a standard doorway, the Milk Kart is equally as effective in a large purpose built operation or a smaller multipurpose barn. On farm, different terrain and footing is typical so the wheels have a large diameter and are heavy duty for excellent stability. The user friendly handle brakes the wheels when released so the Milk Kart will never run away from you!


Fully insulated, the Milk Kart keeps milk warm even in extreme temperatures and can be used for whole milk or milk replacer.


Milk is easily pumped through the 2.5m hose with a 12V pump. The pump is powered by a deep cycle battery and the charging system plugs directly into the mains for when the battery needs recharging.

Large tap and nozzle with 2.5m of hose.

Moulded in sight glass with gradients.

Double wall construction lined with insulation.

Handle brakes the wheels when released.

Drainage tap.

Large diameter, heavy duty wheels for excellent stability over any terrain.

Milk Bar Milk Kart 125L

Milk Bar Milk Kart Deluxe

Milk Bar Code 925200

Volume: 125L

Length: 1m

Height: 1175mm

Width: 700mm

Pump: Yes

Hose: 2.5m

Battery: 12V

Charger: Yes

Milk Bar Milk Kart Classic

Milk Bar Code 925100

Volume: 125L

Length: 1m

Height: 1175mm

Width: 700mm

Optional Power Whisk

Milk Bar Code 961100

The stainless steel whisk is driven by a 10.8 volt battery drill (not included). The whisk thoroughly mixes a full load of milk replacer.

The Milk Bar Milk Kart does not come fitted with a flowmeter but it is very easy to install your own if required.

The Milk Bar Milk Kart can be used to clean feeders and refill water onsite!

Milk Kart Cleaning