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The Milk Bar Vitality System safeguards calves from the harmful effects of fast feeding. 


We know from research that when a calf drinks 1 litre in under 2 minutes the lactose absorption is reduced. This impacts daily weight gain and increases the risk of nutritional diarrhoea as lactose passes through the intestines. The Milk Bar Teat controls the milk flow so calves nurse naturally and good health is maintained.


The Vitality System is the solution for optimum calf health!


Vitality Colour Management System It is important that the calf nurses and suckles at a controlled speed from birth through to weaning. This allows the digestive system to function correctly so milk can curd and lactose is adsorbed.


For optimum health calves should start drinking from a new Milk Bar Teat and stay with that teat, or a teat of a similar age until weaning. This is important because as a teat ages it softens and milk flow slowly increases. As calves approach weaning the digestive system can manage an increased flow but for young calves it can be detrimental to their health.


The new Vitality Colour Management System gives the operator a simple, visual method to ensure all calves are drinking from a Milk Bar Teat that is the same age as she is!


The Milk Bar Vitality System cuts down calf management time, reducing cost and effort.


Vitality Bottle in Chute.jpg
Milk Bar Vitality Tag

The colour disc attaches to the hutch, pen or chute. Simply match the Tag to the Teat Clip to eliminate mistakes!


Easy Fit Brackets

The multi-use bracket fits any gate configuration.


Vitality Bottle Holder

Self aligns the bottle to guarantee the correct positioning of the Milk Bar Teat every time. The calf does the rest, pulling the teat forward, then as she drinks, the bottle locks into place.


Milk Bar Vitality Clip

In 10 colours, the clip clearly identifies the age of the Milk Bar Teat at a glance.

Milk Bar Teat

Milk Bar Teats control the flow of milk and are proven to improve calf health.

Milk Bar Teats deliver powerful results! Maximum saliva production boosts immunity. Lactose absorption is increased. Nutritional diarrhoea is reduced. Time and cost is reduced. Weight gain is increased.

How to use the Vitality System

Calves born in each week are allocated a colour. 


For example:


When calves born in Week 1 are weaned, remove the worn Milk Bar Teat from the Orange Clip. Discard this teat, it will now be worn and may feed a new born calf too quickly.


Place a new Milk Bar Teat into the Orange Clips ready for the next wave of calves born in Week 11. Repeat the cycle throughout the year.


Calves hate drinking from teats if different speeds, it can make them unsettled during and after feeding. This super easy system provides the calf with a teat of the same consistency right through to weaning. Happy calves take less time to raise!


Cleaning is easy!


There is no need to dismantle the Vitality Bottle Cap for cleaning.

There is no need to remove the Milk Bar Teat from the Teat Clip.

The system is designed for maximum ease and time-efficiency.

Wash the complete unit in warm water with an alkali detergent.

Calves born in Week 6 are allocated a black Teat Clip and Tag

Black Tag Colours.png
Black Clip.png

Calves born in Week 7 are allocated a grey Teat Clip and Tag

Grey Clip.png
Grey Tag Colours.png

Calves born in Week 8 are allocated a white Teat Clip and Tag

White Clip.png
White Tag Colours_edited.png

Calves born in Week 9 are allocated a light blue Teat Clip and Tag

Light blue Tag Colours.png
Light Blue Clip.png

Calves born in Week 10 are allocated a green Teat Clip and Tag

Green Clip.png
Green Tag Colours.png

Calves born in Week 1 are allocated a orange Teat Clip and Tag

Orange Tag Colours.png
Orange Clip.png

Calves born in Week 2 are allocated a blue 

Teat Clip and Tag

Dark Blue Clip.png
Blue Tag Colours.png

Calves born in Week 3 are allocated a red Teat Clip and Tag

Red Clip.png
Red Tag Colours.png

Calves born in Week 4 are allocated a violet Teat Clip and Tag

Violet Tag Colours.png
Violet Clip.png

Calves born in Week 5 are allocated a yellow Teat Clip and Tag

Yellow clip.png
Yellow Tag Colours.png