Milk Bar Waterer

What’s so Special About the Milk Bar Waterer?

Milk Bar is best known for their feeders being efficient, lightweight and always working for the calves that use them. However, they also make a wide variety of other products, namely the milk bar waterer. This device is different from other waterers for calves in a number of aspects.


These waterers are large boxes with calf sized head holes cut out of them. They are attached to the wall of a barn or pen where the calf is being kept, with a hose spigot coming into the top to provide freshwater to drink, making them easy to hook into the water supply. All the Milk Bar waterers also have an enclosed float valve to keep the calves from playing and flooding their own pens. There is also a drain on the bottom that can be plugged to keep the waterer from leaking, but making it easy to drain as necessary.