Milk Bar Teats have no valves or threads and do not need to be removed for cleaning!


Give them a rinse with water, warm water is best but not essential.

Two or three times a week

IMPORTANT! Use an Alkali Detergent. The Alkali strips the milk fat and protein from the rubber and makes it last longer. Bend each teat over with the back end of your brush until you get a bubble. This bubble is the milk coming out of the teat so the Alkali can get in.

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Why use Alkali Detergent?

The natural rubber used in Milk Bar Teats absorbs milk fat and protein just like the liners in the milking parlour. This causes the rubber to soften. The softer the rubber the more likely the teat is to leak BUT more importantly, soft teats feed calves faster and this is a problem! 

Alkali Detergents strip the milkfat and protein from the rubber so the calf can nurse at the speed she needs to for good health.