Singles or groups, inside or out, we have a solution!


All Milk Bar feeders are fitted with Award winning Milk Bar Teats and have lots of special little design features to help making rearing just a little bit easier.

In fact our good ideas department is so good that we have lots of patents and design registrations. You can click here to see them.

The star of the show, Milk Bar Teats are Proven to improve calf health! No other teat can deliver the same results as Milk Bar Teats. 

Heavier Calves

Healthier Calves

Happier Calves


From purpose designed buckets to teat changing tools, we have handy additions to make the calf shed run smoothly. 

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Milk Bar Teats and Feeders are so simple to clean.

We don’t use threads, screws or valves that milk can get into.

Everything is designed from practical experience with hygiene in mind.

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Open manifolds, lowest centre of gravity, round opaque tanks, and manual leveller have kept the Milk Bar Mobile range as the premium choice for large groups of calves for 30 years.   

Super strong

Super easy to clean

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All the health benefits of the Milk Bar Teat and a wide range of easy to clean feeders. From the chill of New Zealand's South Island to the harsh desert heat of the middle east, the Milk Bar Lamb & Kid range fits into any farm situation.

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Milk Bar Feeders have led the group feeder market for 30 years.

With incredible design and functionality Milk Bar Feeders are designed by farmers for farmers.

Hooks that resist those headbutts, handles in all the right places.

Open feeders, compartment feeders, straight line feeders, any calf operation is catered for.

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Milk Bar was designed for group feeding but we have also spent the last 20 years working in all year round calving markets. We know the climate can be extreme and we know the punishment feeders take with daily use year in and year out.

The Milk Bar range of single feeders and bottles give any calf operation in the world the opportunity to experience the health benefits of the Milk Bar Teat. 

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The Milk Bar family

Milk Bar was designed, developed and founded on a small family farm in the north of New Zealand. While we have certainly become a global brand that helps calves in 54 markets, we remain a family business today.

No shareholders or third parties, just a love of calves and a passion for making calf rearing easier for farmers in all systems and all parts of this world we share.