Drip Proof Technology

The world-famous Milk Bar Teat has had an overhaul for the 2020’s and now features revolutionary Drip Proof Technology!

It’s been an exciting time for us here at Milk Bar. We’ve been at the drawing board designing,
experimenting and playing around with a whole new concept for our Milk Bar Teat.

Endless late nights discussing ideas and early mornings feeding calves to make sure the teat
performs but more importantly that our four-legged friends are feeding at a healthy speed and
producing the saliva they need.

For 30 years we have worked very hard to source the best quality, natural rubber from around the world, to make the Milk Bar Teat as perfect as possible for calves.

But even with the best rubber money can buy, some batches react differently to others.
It’s all to do with the natural rubber source, which is a tree. We don’t use synthetic fillers, so we are impacted by changes in the rubber tree. This is why some teats last all season and some don’t.

It’s been bugging us for years, so we are thrilled to let you know that we have cracked it!!

We still use 100% natural rubber but combined with our new patent pending Drip Proof Technology we believe we have created the perfect teat, great for calves and great for you!

Your calves will still enjoy all the health benefits associated with the controlled flow created by the Milk Bar Teat, while you can enjoy improved functionality with the innovative DPT design.
Teats that last the distance. Heavier, healthier calves. Job done.

These lovely ladies are just a few of our crucial testing team. They have been filmed, timed, analysed, and generally been little stars. Or in this case, big stars! At 8 weeks weighing in at a hefty 95kg. No scours, no problems. We’ve hammered the teats to test the durability and we have to say, we’re pretty happy!

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