Welcome to Milk Bar®

The Home of Healthy Calves

Milk Bar is all about rearing healthy calves, lambs and kids.
We love what we do. It is who we are.

Milk Bar was designed, developed and founded on a small family farm in the north of New Zealand.

While we have certainly become a global brand that helps calves in 54 markets, we remain a family business today.

No shareholders or third parties, just a love of calves and a passion for making calf rearing easier for farmers in all systems and

all parts of this world we share. 

Our wonderful Milk Bar Teat is the foundation of the Milk Bar System.

It makes sense to feed calves at the same speed as a cow does and we know that if calves nurse with a controlled flow of milk

they are healthier, heavier and happier.

The Milk Bar Teat does just that, controls the flow and is the only teat, in the world, supported by peer reviewed and published


The independent research looked at the effects of fast feeding vs controlled feeding and found that calves fed with Milk Bar Teats

are heavier, have better lactose absorption and reduced cross suckling. 

An artificial environment and seasonal changes puts stress on young calves, kids and lambs and requires intense management to

minimise health impacts. Milk Bar Teats reduces the impacts of these stresses and gives consistently good results with less


We like to get up close and personal with our end users so we spend a good deal of time in calf pens, goat houses and lamb sheds.

We understand the problems farmers face across all our markets and we've worked really hard to come up with solutions.

Since 1989, Milk Bar has lead the way in the innovation of rearing systems with solutions to fit every system from individual to

group feeding.

Have a look at our lovely products here or if you want to read some interesting research you can find it here.

Thanks for dropping by and happy calf rearing!